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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What if I cannot decide what I need?
LA Logoz offers free consultation services. We will work with your advertising team or with you directly to help develop a quality promotional project. We want you to get a return on your investment. Just contact us.

2. Do I need to order the minimum amount? 
Most of the time there are exceptions to minimums, however additional charges may apply. Please contact us for details. 

3. How do I know the imprint will be correct when I get the product?
There is a short process we go through before we place the order for production. When we complete the purchase order we ask for a .pdf proof. Once the proof is ready we email it to you. We have you confirm that the information is correct and the imprint is designed the way you want it. If we need to make changes we will. The only time this process may not be possible is in "rush" orders.

Why should I chose you over a less expensive distributor or an on-line site?
  • Our supplier reationships allow us to get better pricing and service that those other guys can't.
  • We are the only resource for all of your printing needs. One call does it all.
  • LA Logoz offers many advantages that other distributors and on-line sites do not.
  • We are responsible for the final product.
  • If there is a mistake or a problem on our behalf we are accountable for it. We fix it at no extra cost to you.
  • We keep you informed about what is popular iin the industry.


5. Why does my art work and imprint have to be in certain formats?
If your imprint and art work are not in required formats the final product will have a fuzzy and somewhat distorted look. The formats for printing on paper products such as business cards, letterhead, and business forms do not need to be in the same format.

6. What happens if my art work is not in the correct format?
We will notify you with what we need to have done to make the art work useable. If you have an artist or the ability to make the changes we will hold the order until we hear from you. If you would like us to prepare the art work there will be additional charges. Once the art work is in the correct format it will not have to be adjusted again.

7. If I pay for the art work can I have the finished version?
No. You are only charged for the time to format the art work. We keep the art work on file for future orders.

8. What if I need artwork and don't know where to go?
Developing art work is very important. It defines your branding and business. We have access to graphic artists available to help you. You will work with them directly as they are not employees of LA Logoz. The artists we use understand what you need. They will be able to provide you with formatted copies of your artwork for you to keep.

9. What quality of products can I expect?
LA Logoz does not sell the lowest quality items. We will order you a sample of the product you are considering and we will order you a sample of what we recommend. You will make the ultimate choice.

10. What if I need a rush order?
Rush orders are done all the time. Rush orders could result in extra charges. Most of the time it is in the shipping. We try to use suppliers local to you.

11. What if I want to use my own shipping company or shipper number?
Just give us the information when you place the order.

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